Why Patient Feedback Matters for Your Hospital?

Do you know that every patient and family member who comes to your hospital is precious to you? Meaning, through the following tips mentioned in this article, you can increase the ranking of your hospital ten times higher on the internet. If you are a hospital owner or CEO, then this post can make your day very happy.

7 Ways to Collect Patient Feedback

#1. Through the Google Map App

Get a Flex Banner of 4 × 5 size made from a printing shop which has the QR Code of your hospital’s Google Map Page printed on it. Get the following text printed on that banner:.

"Please rate our hospital on Google Map."

And place this Flex Banner at the reception or waiting area of ​​your hospital, where most people can see it. Apart from this, you can also get a rating on the map by speaking to every patient and the accompanying family members.

#2. By making YouTube videos

 Make a video of the testimonials of every patient coming to your hospital and any surgery done and upload it on your YouTube channel.  With this your hospital will be recognized all over the world.

 #3. By uploading reviews on the website

 of your hospital Create a page named Patient Feedback or Testimonies on your hospital’s website and put all the reviews recorded in the Patient Feedback Notebook along with the patient’s name and location in text.  So that every visitor coming to your site can click on that page and read other reviews.

#4. Download your YouTube videos, put them on a pendrive, and show them on the big screen in the hospital reception

 Spend a little more and buy a 60 to 70 inch LED TV.  Get it installed on the wall in the waiting hall.  Now download your YouTube videos, put them in your pendrive and turn on the Auto-Play feature.  Reviews of your old patients will continue to be played on that LED TV throughout the day.

 #5.  Keep records of every patient in a physical ‘Patient Feedback Notebook’

You have to buy a big notebook register, write today’s date in it, meet all the patients who were admitted to your hospital throughout the day, or the patients who are going to be discharged today, and ask them every information like;  How did you like the environment of the hospital, how was the behavior of the nursing staff here, what shortcomings did you find? Ask everything and write them down in a notebook and try to improve them every day. Believe me, within a year your hospital will be the number one in your area or city.

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 #6. By sharing reviews on social media

 Whatever patient feedback you have collected for your website and YouTube videos, do share them on your hospital’s Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. This will increase your social media following.

How can I make my hospital grow 10 times?

 The best way to grow your hospital in the 21st century is to hire a Digital Marketer in your hospital. This person will take complete online reins of your hospital.  Which includes Website Management, Social Media Marketing and other online presence.

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